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Social Networking Army Generals’ Contest
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The Contest

Sixteen individuals excelling at social networking will be selected from a pool of entries to compete for money, fame, and prizes to determine which “General” can best mobilize their army of followers.

Social Media Contest
Social Media Contest Eligibility


Open to men and women 18 years of age or older. Social networkers must have one of the following:
• 25,000+ followers on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or a YouTube video with 25,000 views.

To Enter

Entries will be accepted beginning on October 13 through November 2017 or until sixteen finalists have been selected. Each contestant will receive a W-9 form as there are cash prizes awarded to all competitors.

The Power of Social Media Networking!


Sixteen finalists will compete to see whose social networking army best supports their efforts to purchase a $4.99 ebook or $9.99 paperback during their designated “Competition Week.”

Why an ebook?

  • EBook sales can be tracked weekly, making it easy to keep score. Each contestant will receive a computer printout of their week’s results, segregated by region. This is valuable information to retailers seeking to hire a Social Networker.

Why this ebook?

  • The storyline appeals to both men and women, who could not determine if the author was male or female.
  • The novel has garnered the attention from Hollywood producers interested in optioning the title as a major motion picture. The author has generously agreed to secure an appearance as a grand prize to the SNAG contest winner.

Video Trailer Contest

Each contestant is invited to create and star in a 1 to 3 minute book trailer to motivate their army. These trailers will be posted on the website and voted on by the public to determine a SNAG 2017 VIDEO CROWN. Producers and directors interested in the title will be watching these trailers!

Publicity Opportunities

Each finalist will receive interview opportunities with our sponsors in the media during their assigned week in order to boost sales and promote their social network.


Each of the 16 finalists will be notified by their SNAG representative upon their selection. Each contestant will receive a W-9, a copy of the ebook in paperback form, and will be assigned a designated “Competition Week” (Monday thru Sunday) from November through February. It is during their competition week that the Social Networker will encourage, motivate, and convince their army of followers to purchase the novel either as an ebook or mass market paperback (some readers prefer paperbacks) via links posted on their social media sites during their assigned Competition Week. The contestant with the highest weekly sales tally will win the SNAG 2017 MARKETING CROWN.

Social Media Superstars

Royalties & Bonuses for ALL Contestants:

Each contestant will receive a .50 cent royalty on every ebook (or paperback) sold during their competition week, with special bonuses awarded if the book hits the NY Times bestseller list (combine print & ebook list) during their week.

NY Times Best-seller Bonuses

#15 to #11……… $5,000 bonus

#10 to #6………… $7,500 bonus

#5………………….. $8,000 bonus

#4……………………$8,500 bonus

#3……………………$9,000 bonus

#2………………….$10,000 bonus

#1 on NY Times list: $25,000 bonus

The NY Times best-seller lists runs two weeks behind, so be sure to check the date.

SNAG Marketing Crown GRAND PRIZE:

The overall WINNER will receive an opportunity to be in either a TV episode or major motion picture (role, cameo, or on-screen extra, depending on acting experience as determined by the director) based on the ebook novel. In the event the title is not greenlit, another TV episode or major motion picture may be substituted.

Additional SNAG Marketing Crown Prizes:

  • Each contestant will be featured in an Entertainment Options article.
  • The top five winners will be written as major characters into the storyline of a future novel written by a NY Times best-selling author.
  • The top three winners will be offered a two month marketing contract with a participating sponsor.
  • Additional prizes are expected to be added with new sponsors.


SNAG Marketing Video GRAND PRIZE:

The contestant whose video receives the most votes will receive $500.00 and be offered a two month marketing contract with a participating sponsor.



Royalties and bonus checks will be sent to each contestant within 14 days of the monies being received by the publisher (approximately 60 – 90 days after the competition week).

Winner of Social Media Contest Prizes

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